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6 Ways to Use Giardiniera

6 Ways to Use Giardiniera

Not sure how to use Hot Giardiniera? You're not alone. The possibilities are endless. Think of Hot Giardiniera much like salt or pepper - it makes any food you pair it with taste better! To get you started, here are six of our favorite foods to pair with Chicago Peppers Hot Giardiniera. 

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1. Italian Beef

Let's start with the original, the famous Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich. Chicagoans simply order their beef "hot".

2. Sandwich

After you've put on all the other toppings, layer a few heaping spoonfuls of Chicago Peppers Hot Giardiniera on your sandwich. The additional crunchy texture you get with every bite ensure you'll never make a sandwich without hot giardiniera again. 

3. Salad

Consisting of chopped veggies, oil, and vinegar, it's easy to see why mixing Chicago Peppers Hot Giardiniera into your salad is a no-brainer. 

4. Pasta

We like to mix our hot giardiniera in a red sauce before dressing our pasta. Tomato sauce, some crumbled sausage, and copious amounts of hot giardiniera. 

5. Omelet

Hot Giardiniera for breakfast. Add a little heat to your omelet. 

6. Pizza

This is one of our favorites. Perfect for a DIY pizza night, set out a bowl of Hot Giardiniera as a topping choice. 

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Oct 01, 2018 • Posted by Joe Sapone

Grew up using giardiniere on almost every thing accept morning cereal and ice cream. Giardiniete sandwich made with nice crispy Italian bread is still one of my favorites today

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